Euro T20 Slam Teams 2019 – European T20 League

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As you know, cricket is an international game. Moreover, each country has a cricket team to play cricket at international level. There are some kinds of cricket matches such as one-day tournament, T20 tournament, and test tournament. European countries are holding Euro T20 Slam league. Furthermore, Ireland, Scotland, and Netherland will participate in the league. I have information about Euro T20 Slam Teams for you.

In this article, I will tell you every information related to the teams of this T20 league. Stay with me!

Euro T20 Slam Teams

The officials of the Euro T20 allowed to Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands that they can take part with two teams of each. Moreover, the officials also said that each time could represent up to 9 local players, and Six overseas players in this league.

Euro T20 Slam Teams



The total quantity of the Euro T20 Slam Teams is six. The names of the teams are Belfast Titans, Amsterdam Kings, Rotterdam Rhinos, Edinburgh Rocks, Dublin Chiefs, and Glasgow Giants.

Maybe, you like anyone team which is taking part in Euro T20 league. If your favorite is also participating, then you should not miss the live performance of your favorite teams. Let’s start discussion briefly about the Euro T20 Slam teams.

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Irelands Teams

Euro T20 Slam Teams

As I told earlier that everyone country would show the two teams in this league. If you want to know the teams of Ireland, then don’t worry. Here, I tell you the complete information about the Ireland teams.

This team is related to the name of the city of Ireland. Moreover, this team is not famous in the cricket world. Maybe, the officials of this T20 league want to motivate the people of this city. Additionally, one thing is common in all the teams that every team contain overseas players.

Maybe, your favorite international player is a presence in this team. Therefore, you should not forget to watch the live streaming of this league.

Maybe, you know that Dublin is the city of Ireland. It is a beautiful city. Moreover, there is also an international cricket stadium. Hundreds of cricket events have played in this stadium. I can believe in saying that people of this city love with cricket. And, they will also welcome to the international players and watchers of this league.

This team also has six overseas players. Due to this reason Euro T20 league will be more enjoyable. So, don’t forget to watch live streaming of this league.

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Scotland Teams

Euro T20 Slam Teams

Some people do not know the names of Scotland teams. Maybe, you also don’t know but don’t need to worry. You can read the information in detail about the Scotland teams. Let me tell in detail about the teams of Scotland.

  • Edinburgh Rocks

Do you know? Edinburgh is a famous city of Scotland, and it has its cricket team named Edinburgh Rocks. Additionally, an international cricket venue is also situated in this city. Moreover, there are many cricket tournaments have played at this cricket place. It is a fantastic chance for watchers to visit the stadium. Furthermore, the people of this city have ready to well come the out of country people.

Edinburgh Rocks is an excellent cricket team. And the interesting thing is that overseas players are also going to include in the Euro T20 league.  The viewers will more enjoy this T20 league. Therefore, you should also enjoy the Euro T20 league.

  • Glasgow Giants 

Glasgow Giants team belongs to the most beautiful city Glasgow of Scotland. The people of this city will go to the other venues to watch the cricket tournaments. However, the reason is that there is no cricket place in this city. Edinburgh Rocks has ready to go to the stadium. Moreover, the people of this city have also decided to watch the Euro T20 league.

If you are living in that place in which the cricket stadium is available, then you should welcome viewers with love. Moreover, you should also enjoy the Euro T20 leagues.

Netherlands Teams

Euro T20 Slam Teams

Many people want to know the cricket teams of The Netherlands. If you also want to know about the Netherlands team, then don’t need to worry. Now, I am going to tell you about Netherlands cricket teams which will participate in the Euro T20 league.

  • Amsterdam Kings

Amsterdam is the city of The Netherlands. The name of this team shows a relation with the Netherlands city. You have glad to know that a cricket place also available in this city. Moreover, many cricket leagues have held at this venue. The people of this city can enjoy the cricket matches of Euro T20 league without any problem.

This city is famous due to its beauty. Therefore, if you are going to the stadium to watch the live streaming of this league, then you took a right decision. In this way, you can also visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

  • Rotterdam Rhinos

It is also the team of The Netherlands. Rotterdam is another city of the Netherlands. Moreover, the people of this city are very charming and lovely. Rotterdam Rhinos is a fantastic team due to its great and beautiful skills. Furthermore, many people like this team very much. The people of this have also decided to go to with their team. The reason is that they want to support their team in the stadium.

You should also go to the stadium to appreciate your favorite team or player. Maybe, your favorite player or team is waiting for you. I believe that the Euro T20 will become more attractive due to the international players. So, you should watch the Euro T20 league.

Final Words

You have known complete information about Euro T20 Slam teams. Therefore, I believe that you will watch the live streaming of this T20 league. I hope you will understand well this information. If you are facing problem to understand this, then you can tell me.

For this purpose, you should write a comment in the comment section. I will help you more. Don’t forget to share with your friend and cricket fans. If you want more updates, then stay tuned.

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Euro T20 Slam Teams
Malahide Cricket Club Ground, Dublin Road,Ireland,Malahide-Co. Dublin
Starting on
August 30, 2019
Ending on
September 22, 2019
The total quantity of the Euro T20 Slam Teams is six. The names of the teams are Belfast Titans, Amsterdam Kings, Rotterdam Rhinos, Edinburgh Rocks
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