ET20s Dublin Chiefs Schedule & Team Squad

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As you know, there are six teams which are taking part in the Euro T20 league. Do you know the schedule of Dublin Chiefs? If you don’t know the schedule, then I will tell you the Dublin Chiefs schedule which is included in 6 teams of Euro T20 Slam.

Moreover, you are at the right place to get the schedule of Dublin Chiefs. Stay with me!

Dublin Chiefs schedule

Dublin Chiefs schedule

There are also local and international players present in this team. The reason is that every team can represent the nine local players and six overseas players as of the officials of Euro T20 Slam. Additionally, local and international players will make this T20 more interesting.

Dublin Chiefs

The name “Dublin Chiefs” related to the most beautiful city, Dublin of Ireland. Moreover, there is an international cricket stadium in Dublin. Many international cricket events have played at this cricket venue. Additionally, the fifth Talbot of Malahide built this cricket place.

Richards Wogan Talbot is the name of fifth Talbot of the Malahide. It is a fantastic stadium. Moreover, this cricket place has a capacity of 11,500 viewers at a time. The officials of Euro T20 Slam have selected this cricket venue for the matches of this T20 league.

Let’s talk about the schedule!


Hundreds of fans of cricket want to know the schedule of Dublin Chiefs. If you are also trying to see the schedule, then don’t need to go anywhere else. You can read the schedule of Dublin Chiefs below!

31-Aug-19Edinburgh Rocks vs. Dublin ChiefsVRA, Amsterdam10:30 AM
01-Sep-19Glasgow Giants vs. Dublin ChiefsVRA, Amsterdam10:30AM
07-Sep-19Dublin Chiefs vs. Amsterdam KingsThe Grange, Edinburgh10:30 AM
08-Sep-19Dublin’s Chiefs vs. Rotterdam RhinoThe Grange, Edinburgh14:30 PM
10-Sep-19Edinburgh Rocks vs. Dublin ChiefsThe Grange, Edinburgh14:30 PM
11-Sep-19Dublin’s Chiefs vs. Rotterdam RhinosThe Grange, Edinburgh14:30 PM
13-Sep-19Belfast Titans vs. Dublin ChiefsMalahide, Dublin10:30 AM
14-Sep-19Glasgow Giants vs. Dublin ChiefsMalahide, Dublin14:30 PM
17-Sep-19Dublin Chiefs vs. Amsterdam KingsMalahide, Dublin14:30 PM
19-Sep-19Belfast Titans vs. Dublin ChiefsMalahide, Dublin14:30 PM

Maybe, Dublin Chiefs is your favorite team or you like the players who are a presence in the Dublin Chief. If you like Dublin Chiefs or the players of this team, then it is necessary for you to watch the live performance of this team.

It may not be possible for you to go to the stadium due to your enough resources or enough time. If you cannot watch live cricket at the stadium, then you don’t need to worry. I have a solution to your problems.

You should watch those TV channels which are supporting the live streaming of cricket events. Moreover, you can watch Euro T20 Slam Live Streaming on these channels. It is not a fixed time to watch sports channels. You can watch the sports channels at any time. The reason is that channels are available for 24 hours.

Final Words

You have known the Dublin Chiefs schedule. Now, you should get ready to go to the stadium to watch live cricket of Euro T20. Share it with your friends.

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Dublin Chiefs Schedule
The Grange Club, Portgower Pl,United Kingdom,Edinburgh-EH41HQ
Starting on
September 7, 2019
Ending on
September 11, 2019
If you don’t know the schedule, then I will tell you the Dublin Chiefs schedule which is included in 6 teams of Euro T20 Slam.
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